Russian version November, 27, 2021


The work of the Exhibition Center of SB RAS is based on close cooperation with the Novosibirsk Regional Administration, the Novosibirsk City Administration, the Exhibition Center of the RAS as well as with the exhibition organizations of our city and our country. The partnership with these organizations allows us to exhibit the achievements of the Siberian scientists more effectively, to awake Russian and foreign investors' interest in the complete developments offered for their promotion to home and foreign market.

Russian Academy of Sciences
The Exhibition Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The Exhibition Center of the RAS is engaged in preparation and display of completed works fulfilled in the institutions of the RAS as well as of the results of the most interesting basic research both at Russian and International exhibitions in Russia and at foreign exhibitions.

The SB RAS is constantly invited for participation in collective expositions of the RAS at various exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

The arms of Novosibirsk Region
The Novosibirsk Regional Administration

The Novosibirsk Regional Administration constantly acquaints the visitors from different cities of Russia, the CIS and foreign countries with complete developments of the SB RAS arranged at the Permanent Exhibition. On the base of the Exhibition Center it holds training seminars for businessmen and students on management and venture investment.

The arms of Novosibirsk City
The Novosibirsk City Administration

The Novosibirsk City Administration constantly promotes the visiting of the Permanent Exhibition by the delegations of the specialists of the enterprises and organizations, plants of the Novosibirsk City, of all the Russia, the CIS and foreign countries; it organizes presentations of complete developments for the specialists of the Novosibirsk enterprises directly at the Institutes of the SB RAS. 

The Siberian Fair

The Siberian Fair is the largest exhibition society beyond Ural, well-known in the business circles of Russia and all over the world. It is a member of the Union of Exhibitions and Fairs of Russia, of the International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the UFI.

The leaders of the Siberian Fair accommodate to the Siberian Branch of the RAS free-of-charge exhibition floorspace for the organization of collective expositions of the SB RAS.

The scientists of the SB RAS at the Siberian Fair take active part in the judging on the development rewarding, in the workshops, symposiums, conferences, round table discussions organized within the framework of topical exhibitions. The SB RAS developments were repeatedly decorated with large and small gold medals, Diplomas of the Siberian Fair within different nominations.

The All-Russian Exhibition Center

The PC "State Joint-stock Company "All-Russian Exhibition Center" is the largest expocenter of Russia and Moscow. Its area is 238 hectares. Annually at the All-Russian Exhibition Center more than 150 exhibitions and fairs are held, 30 among those are international ones.

In order to propagandize the Siberian science, the All-Russian Exhibition Center grants preferential terms for the SB RAS participation in exhibitions

The ZAO "Expocenter"

The Close Corporation "Expocenter" organizes and holds International fairs and exhibitions in the Russian Federation. The ZAO "Expocenter" is one of the founders of the International Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, the association of leading exhibition centers and organizations assisting the exhibition business of Russia, Byelorussia, Moldova, Ukraine and Lithuania, an active member of the UFI since 1975.

The Siberian Branch maintains old partner relations with the "Expocenter" virtually since the sixtieths. The SB RAS repeatedly was a participant of the exhibitions spent by the "Expocenter" both in Russia and abroad; International and foreign exhibitions were held at the Novosibirsk Academgorodok. Now the SB RAS is an annual participant of 2 or 3 International topical exhibitions, often on preferential terms.

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